Pinar Pir Söderlund

”I started practicing in 2008 and several times visited India. In 2016 I was authorized KPJAYI (Pattabhi Jois Astanga Yoga Institute in Mysore) from Sharath Jois to teach. I started to learn astrology in 2011, and I am certified from School of Wisdom of Sky in Turkey as well as Mayo school of Astrology in London. I am certified for Horary from School of Classical Astrology, a member of ISAR International Society of Astrological Research and a board member of Suomen Astrologinen Seura.”

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Astraio

Lecture: Moon Days in yoga and astrology

Sunday at 10 am, luentosali Kellari 2

In many yogic traditions like Astanga, on moon days there are no yoga classes. The lecture covers for example the astrological aspects of moon days.

The lecture explains several reasons for why in Ashtanga there is no yoga on moon days, but mostly from astrological aspects. Also the overall importance of moon days is covered. Astrology still has a big importance in the Indian culture, just like ayurveda and yoga. Also both yin/yang female/male energies are explained and how these days effect our energy according to our birth chart. In addition, small information about birth chart, the meaning of houses, astrologically health symbols, and what kind of support and difficulties could be possible for person, will be mentioned.

Lecture will be held in English.