Orsy Harkai

Orsy is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Les Mills BODYBALANCE Advanced Instructor. She’s learned yoga teaching in Bali from Simon Borg-Olivier – founder of Yoga Synergy. She teaches Hatha Flow classes and other types of mobility & strength sessions regularly. In full-time she works at Polar Electro as a digital marketer, and in part-time she teaches weekly classes currently in Pihasali and Fitness24Seven.

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Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor:  Polar

Class: Synergy-style Hatha Flow – Powered by Polar

Saturday at 11:45 am Studio 3

This class brings you to Bali and it emphasizes spinal mobility, fluid movements, natural breathing and moving from the core.

You’ll practice a flowing type of Hatha Yoga that’s based on the principles of Yoga Synergy: ”Tense less. Stretch less. Think less. — Feel more.” The class involves musical elements that support a fluid practice. You’ll experience the Spinal Movements Sequence that’s an accessible way to mobilize and strengthen your spine, increase blood flow and generate energy. You’ll also try what Moving Meditation feels like, and how waving and circular motions can make you feel warm. Being active and moving from your core will give you a good amount of sweat but you’ll stay calm throughout the practice. You’ll leave feeling energized.

It’s equally suitable for first-timers and advanced practitioners.

Psst! Book your slot early and be one of the first 20 participants who will be able to try out the Polar Ignite fitness watch. It’ll give you an insightful summary of your personal practice, including HR zones, energy used, cardio load and more. Learn more at polar.com/ignite.