Monika Mäkitalo

I tried my first yoga class 13 years ago, upset and broken inside. From that point, a journey started that not only took me to the other side of the world but into an all-encompassing transformation process, that changed me inside out. Gradually an understanding grew within me, that inner peace isn’t boring, but something that opens the door to creativity, joy, and wisdom of the heart.

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Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Shala Helsinki

Tunti: Wisdom of Your Heart -flow

Saturday 13.00, studio 1

Flow yoga class that aims to a relaxed and joyful state of being, and a solid connection to your inner wisdom.

The goal of this practice is a relaxed and balanced state of being, and a strong connection to your own inner wisdom and strength, to your heart consciousness. Expect a holistic practice to help you gently reduce unnecessary tension both in your body and mind.

The heart has a wisdom of its own and in this practice, we will turn inward to hear the messages more clearly. Messages from the heart are always uplifting and gently pushing us forward in the direction of our highest potential and dreams. When we align our thoughts and actions with the heart we will gradually feel more peace n’ joy, which also is our birthright!

This practice is accessible for all levels, heartfelt welcome!

Luento: Heart Intelligence in a Mad World

Sunday 12.30, Kellari 2

Heartfelt talk about how Liisa & Monika learned through rough life-experiences to follow the guidance of the heart.

Liisa & Monika share their stories of the search for a life lived in its fullest potential. The heart has a wisdom of its own, but they needed to sail through the rough seas to begin to listen to this inner compass within. They both resigned a well-paying job in the marketing and insurance business, to become yoga teachers. However, they soon faced the fact that it wasn’t as glamorous as they anticipated. Yet they learned not to give up, but to fully trust in life and set up their own boundaries and appreciate themselves, for all that they are. This lecture aims to encourage you not to settle, but to dig deeper, tune in within the inner compass and follow the voice of your own heart’s wisdom.

Liisa Laine & Monika Mäkitalo first met at Joogafestival 2017. It was a connection at the first hug, that felt like they have always known each other. Soon after they found that they actually share pretty similar experiences in their own journey’s. They have been following similar spiritual paths in their process of growing and shifting from one dimension to another. Now they are grateful to share the light together through SHALA Helsinki by offering yoga and healing practices for your wellbeing.