Kuldip Singh Khalsa

Kuldip Singh Khalsa, NMT LMT, is a professional Somatic Bodywork Therapist, Advanced Internal Martial Arts Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher with over 20 years experience of body-mind wellbeing. He is the developer of the TAIYO Healing Arts system and Director of Education for the TAIYO Healing Arts School. Kuldip sees clients and gives courses out of both Helsinki, Finland and New York. He is the co-owner of Kundaliinijooga Helsinki, where he teaches weekly kundalini yoga classes.

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Kundaliinijooga Helsinki

Lecture: Emotional Anatomy

Saturday at 2 pm, Kellari 1

Join Kuldip Singh Khalsa as he discusses how our Emotional Anatomy affects our health, well being and everyday life.

When we break it down, individuals are simply containers of energy. Our mental and physical states affects the energy in our body, and the energy in our body affects our mental and physical wellbeing. Pain, depression, stress and negativity is both the by-product and the result of stagnant energy in the body. By circulating the energy negativity and stress can be released from both the mental and physical body.

When we understand where we are energetically, we are far more equipped to show up with more compassion, understanding and eager to keep our bodies and minds healthy.