Justine Cederberg

Justine Cederberg, the founder, and proprietor of PRASAD, is an Ayurvedic consultant and Herbalist. Born in Canada, she lives in Porvoo, Finland. Her Ayurvedic offerings focus on ”Ayurveda for a Nordic Lifestyle”, taking into account the Finnish climate and Western alternative medicine.  Plant knowledge encompasses both the traditional European herbal, Native American and Ayurvedic tradition. Justine teaches at the Ayurvedic Institute of Finland.

Exhibitor: PRASAD

Lecture: Western Herbs from Ayurveda Perspective

Saturday 14.30, Kellari 2

Explore the ayurvedic healing properties, actions, and energetics of herbs that grow in Finland.

In this lecture, you will become familiar with the Ayurvedic and Western uses of Finnish wild herbs. We can look to the North for self-healing and harness the power of the herbs from our own land, where the cold winter months and long summer days of sun encourage our wild plants to be strong. This strength creates intelligent and effective medicine. The lecture is intended to simplify the use of these herbs for home remedies, personal care, and cooking. Discover the power of Ayurveda for Nordic Lifestyle!