Jeff Lester

I’ve studied and taught all over the world in practices ranging from several yoga and meditation traditions to shamanic ceremonial traditions, I have assimilated a wide array of impactful practices and techniques that bring people together with high vibes and harmony. I passionately share meaningful practices with the world to facilitate healing and the human journey toward a natural and harmonious state of being. It is a pleasure and joy to share with you the practices that light up my world

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Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Happy Jack Yoga

Class: Yin – Hidden Superpowers

Sunday at 4:45 pm, Studio 3

Discover how the stillness of Yin Yoga allows you to dive deep into your own experience and unlock your true superpowers.

This workshop brings to life one of the most impactful yoga practices today, one that is accessible to everyone, Yin! We dive deeply into our own personal experiences to develop our ability to observe the powerful forces at play within ourselves. This practice helps us uncover our truths whilst as seek to heal our physical, mental, and emotional bodies at the very roots of pathology. More than ever before people are locked in a stress response to life. Constant demand for our attention builds tension and toxins in our body and Yin yoga is among the most efficient ways to release stress and trauma from our cells. Every pose is a new experience on many different levels.