Janine Gabelmann

Janine is a Emily Hess – Sound of Yoga Instructor, Sound Massage Practitioner (PHI), Sound Relaxation Coach, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher (3HO/KRI) since 2008. She is also an Ayurveda Cosmetic & Wellness Therapist since 2007.

I am very thankful to teach and present this wonderful method ”Emily Hess – Sound of Yoga” since 2015. In the last two years I have been giving retreats and teacher trainings in different countries. In Finland I have held already three retreats and one teacher training. I have also been at Yoga Festival Paris.

Sound of Yoga – Yoga Full of Joy

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Sound of Yoga can be combined with any yoga style. It is a delightful blend of yoga and sound. The combination of singing bowls, gongs, mantras and asanas allow you to experience sound with all senses. The use of singing bowls is actively integrated on or next to the body, and support the participants to mould into the posture ever more easily and deeply while being trustful in the ability of their body. The regenerative sound invites you to come in resonance with your inner rhythm and to dive into your own body wave. The vibration, flowing into your cells can help to rediscover yourself, to simply BE. A wonderful combination of yoga, sound massage, sound meditation, and sound relaxation.

The class will be held in English.