Helena Ahlbäck

I have been practicing with Open Heart for the past 4 years. My initial contact with Open Heart was through the guidance to awakening, and after that, I started to practice Open Heart Yoga. The teachings have resonated with me from the start and the initial feeling of familiarity and having finally found that something I was looking for has not subsided.

With the help of these teachings my insights have matured, and I feel clear minded, open-hearted, fresh and less reactive in daily life.

Näytteilleasettaja/ Exhibitor: Open Heart

Class: Guru Yoga

Saturday 15.30, studio 2

In Guru Yoga we tune into the presence of Guru Padmasambhava by chanting his mantra and then feeling his presence in our body.

Guru Yoga is a meditative practice which means ”tuning into the presence of the guru”. This is done by repeating the mantra (tuning in) and then feeling in your own body the presence and energy of the master.  With the help of an enlightened guru or master like Padmasambhava, we can get help in recognizing the nature of our own mind and get a glimpse of our innate Buddha nature. One who has seen his mind to be completely without a self, has mastered the teaching of emptiness, is fully awake, that is, a living Buddha.

During the class, we will do a long session of chanting Guru Padmasambhava’s mantra and after that sit and feel his presence and the effect of the presence in our body and mind.