Ale Sanchez Soto

”I am a Hatha Vinyasa and Aerial yoga teacher, with a focus on treating central axis and hips issues. I am also a Thai massage and access bars practitioner.”

I have worked in an office for several years and developed chronicle neck pain which is what drove me to learn more about yoga. I don’t want others to go through the issues of chronicle pain and that’s why I focus on this so that I can share my knowledge and help others get to know themselves and allow their bodies to rest and strengthen.”

Class: Yoga for back and hips

Saturday at 9:15 am, studio 1

We are on sitting on chairs, sofas, buses, cars, etc… almost all day! And our routines are becoming slower and slower. Our spine is overworked and compensating for other weak muscles. 

In this class, we will combat our sedentary lifestyle with a routine that combines flexibility, strength building, and restorative postures. We will focus on lengthening and relaxing our backs, strengthening the muscles that support our posture and slowly make our way to our beloved savasana.