Xinquan Wen

Xin is a designer and a Heartfulness yoga and meditation trainer.

”Meditation helps me to link with my inner Self-leading to a fulfilled life in a natural way. Heartfulness yoga balances and relaxes me. Having found this practice I decided to let it become part of my life.”

Heartfulness is based on a RajaYoga system called Sahaj Marg. Today over a million people in 130 countries are practicing this heart-based meditation. SRCM Suomi ry is the local non-profit branch of the global organization.

Näytteilleasettaja/ Exhibitor: SRCM Suomi ry

Tunti: Heartfulness Yoga

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Integrate your body, mind and soul in Heartfulness Yoga. Balance your energy  and prepare yourself for meditation.

Heartfulness Yoga integrates body, mind, and soul in the true spirit of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The beauty of Heartfulness Yoga is to balance the energy inside you and prepare your body for yogic transmission. At the same time, Heartfulness Yoga is a gentle yoga; we emphasize more on connection and observation than on the difficulty of the asanas during the practice. When one listens to the heart, follows voices of the heart and captures the inspiration that comes from within, one master’s life. On the mat, let us experience and apply these principles.