Timo Kurvi

timo-kurviTimo Kurvi on amerikansuomalainen sertifioitu iyengarjoogaopettaja (R.I.M.Y.I. Pune, India), acroyoga-opettaja (acroyoga.org) ja näyttelijä. Timon joogamatka alkoi vuonna 2000 ensin astangajoogan parissa, kunnes iyengarjooga vei mukanaan. Acroyogan Timo löysi vuonna 2010. Timoa kiinnostaa tutkia kehon ja mielen suhdetta niin, että löydämme tilan, jossa olemme luovia, uteliaita ja rohkeita.

Timo Kurvi is a certified Iyengar Yoga and AcroYoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. His yoga journey began with ashtanga yoga in 2000 from which he found his true yoga home in the Iyengar method in 2006. Timo was inspired by AcroYoga back in 2010 and brought the practice to Finland during the same year. Also a professional actor, singer, dancer, he is interested in exploring the relationship between body, mind, and expression, in order to find where both he and his students are at their most creative, curious, and daring.

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Suomen iyengarjoogayhdistys

Class: Dynamic Resistance in Asana

Saturday klo 15.45, studio 5

What are the foundations for good alignment? Come to explore how dynamic resistance in yoga poses create alignment.

We will explore how the Iyengar yoga method works to find resistance in yoga poses to create alignment. Just aligning your bones without actively using the muscles that surround them leads to lifeless poses which will not engage the body nor the mind. Come experience how working asana to be both active and still (sthria & sukha) create the alignment that Iyengar yoga is known for.