Sonu Manglani

Sonu Manglani is an entrepreneur and a Heartfulness trainer.

”Heartfulness meditation has taught me to be responsive and not reactive. I feel more connected to myself and have achieved calmness and balance in life.”

Heartfulness is an approach to the Raja Yoga system of meditation called Sahaj Marg. Today over million people in 130 countries are practicing this heart-based meditation. SRCM Suomi ry is the local non-profit branch of the global organization.

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Heartfulness, heart-based meditation

Tune into the silence of your heart. Experience Heartfulness meditation.

Tune into the silence of your heart. Heartfulness offers a simple and practical way to learn heart-based meditation and relaxation. It is suitable for all who are looking for inner balance and serenity, for all who feel the need to stop and tune into their Inner Self in the middle of a busy life.

In this Heartfulness workshop, you will experience meditation with the help of yogic transmission, Pranahuti. This makes the meditation become a transformative process. We invite you to take part in this Heartfulness workshop and experience the benefits yourself!