Robin Tåg

Robin is a Physical Therapist, FRC™ Mobility Specialist and certified Viryayoga Teacher (E-RYT) currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Robin is specialized in Functional Mobility Training and Yoga as a tool for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Robin is one of the co-owners and main teachers at the Nordic Yoga Institute (NYI) in Stockholm. At the NYI he is teaching anatomy, biomechanics and asana, as well as developing the Virya Yoga Method.

Exhibitor: The Nordic Yoga Institute

Virya Yoga – Spaciousness

Lauantai 3.3.2018 klo 13.15, sali 6

How does the body maintain Inner space in movement, and how can we create space for the mind to rest in? Here we take a closer look at the Biotensegrity Model, and how it can be used to explain the body’s ability to absorb forces of compression and maintain structural freedom in movement. During the class we go through a journey of exploring the body’s felt sense-awareness of space, as well as looking at how to create a spacious state of mind in everyday life. Experience the contrasts of total stillness, freedom of breath and organic movement.

The class will be held in English.

Virya Yoga – Fluid State

Sunnuntai 4.3.2018 klo 10.45, sali 6

Our bodies consist of approximately 70% of water. The body has 100 trillion cells floating in a landscape of connective tissue, and every cell by itself contains a fluid cytoplasma. The inside of the body is in other words fluid by its nature. Despite this, the body can many times be experiences as solid. During this class we will explore how Somatic Meditation can create a sensory relationship to the bodies natural ”fluid state”, and in which way movement science can be integrated in yoga to give the myofascia rehydration, increased gliding and elasticity. To achieve this we will explore dynamic transitions where we play with the contrasts of control and momentum, softness and elasticity.

The class will be held in English.