Nicola Moberg

Nicola Moberg is a certified Purna Yoga Instructor at the 500-Hour level personally trained by yoga master Aadil Palkhivala a lifelong student of BKS Iyengar. She also teaches yoga for pregnancy, postnatally and assists couples for conception. For the love of sharing yoga from a heartful place, she runs a beautiful studio called Purna Yoga Helsinki in the city center of Helsinki.

” Join me on a journey towards true health and well-being.”

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Näytteilleasettaja/ Exhibitor: Purna Yoga

Lecture: Beauty, where can I find you?

Sunday at 2 pm, luentosali Kellari 1

Beauty sounds cheesy, but really, everything in the universe is energy and so is beauty. Welcome to Heartfull(TM) Mediation!

Why do we create so much ugliness in this world? There are wars, there is hate. Even in some new styles of yoga the focus is on dark matter. The feeling of living in constant state of beauty has been taken from us, and our mission with Heartfull Meditation is to claim it back.

Our planet is the most gorgeous expression of beauty. What’s ugly in this world is man made, the industrial constructions, horror movies, etc. Beauty is that what you are on the inside, and as soon as you start to recognise its power you’ll literally change your life, and furthermore our world. Once you transform your mind and live from the heart chakra everything which is not at this higher vibration will vanish.

Lecture is held in English.

Class: Essentials of Purna Yoga – Beyond the body

Saturday at 2:15 pm, Sali 1

Discover how your body is really a vehicle for a greater life. Purna Yoga is yoga beyond the body!

Have you ever felt truly cared for in your yoga practice? Do you know if your asana is actually safe and effective? 

In Purna Yoga the first thing we focus on is safety, alignment is the key to that. We look at the effect of the alignment, how you can benefit the most individually. In the end, your body is meant for a bigger purpose, are you ready to discover more?

Nicola will share with you the reason how asana is extremely beneficial on your body when done right. How your pose has to make you at least more stable and grounded. But it really has to make you more focused and relaxed as well as happy and healthy. 

In this class, you’ll learn how your body is really a vehicle for a greater life.