Monika Mäkitalo

I instruct yoga in a gentle manner and I hope to awaken the strength and creativity that resides in all of us. Yoga has been an important part of my life for more than ten years and this year I also graduated as a yoga therapist with Ganesh Mohan at Svastha Yoga. My wish is to help students release what they have outgrown and open themselves up for all the blessings that life has to offer.

My own path to increased inner freedom and peace, has come through releasing guilt and resentment for past mistakes and struggles. It’s never too late to start a transformational journey, where we aim to connect with our true self, the heart, that is filled with forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and love. We all have so much potential inside of us, to make our own life into a masterpiece and feeling fulfilled and joyful. Happiness is a choice that we make in every moment, which means that contentment is available for all of us.

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Connect with your true self (in English)

SATURDAY 25.2. at 9:30, room 8

In this workshop we aim to get in touch with our true self, that is filled with forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and love. We use gentle but effective tools of yoga, so both beginners and those with more experience can join. In addition, the power of music and sound is utilised, to on one hand reach a more relaxed mind and on the other hand, to evoke feelings that help us connect with our true self.

As we see that we are not our body nor the mind, we will be able to make peace with the past and be joyous in the moment and thus, be excited about the future where we see our dreams come true!