Milla Floryd

I enjoy being embodied and have been exploring the possibilities of unlimited physical expression through a little dance, a lot of martial arts, a profession as an aerial acrobat and a bit over a decade of physical yoga.

I think that the body that we are gifted with and everything that it is able to do is mindblowing! It makes me very humble to know that the limit to what’s possible for a human to express with their physical beeing is just a small dot on the horizon.

Class: Let the floor move you

In this class, I will show you how to use the bounce from the floor to move in a more fluid way and with less effort.

Welcome to a playful and informative class where you will learn how to create the space your body needs in order to make smooth and energy-saving transitions. I will give you the tools needed to understand how you can fly up from gravity and without crashing down to land softly in the warm embrace of mommy earth.