Liisa Laine

I took my first yoga class more than 15 years ago. Yoga has always been my way to seek balance in hectic life whilst I had a career in advertising, but also to maintain the well-being of the body and the mind, yet to prevent injuries when I was ski patrolling and downhill biking in Canada. Over the years spiritual journey evolved, yoga and meditation became a lifestyle and I was able to experience a connection to the voice of my heart’s wisdom. Now I am sharing a practice through teaching and healing.

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Exhibitor: SHALA Helsinki

Heart Intelligence Flow

The aim of the practice is reaching a state of being where physical body and traditional mind are aligned with heart consciousness.

Liisa believes that being aligned physically, mentally and energetically is a key for holistic wellbeing. The practice will start from the physical body, which is important for structure, integrity, and energy flow. However, through the practice, we are aiming to tune in, open up and maintain a connection to deeper levels of our being: mental and emotional bodies, and even beyond if it’s the highest good of one and all. Therefore learning a holistic approach to yoga practice and bringing the practice off the mat too. Liisa call’s this state of being as Heart Intelligence when the mind, the physical and the emotional bodies are connected to the voice of the heart’s wisdom.