Leta LaVigne

Leta LaVigne, E-RYT 500, is the founder of Lahti's yogaROCKS. She draws from nearly a decade of teaching experience in a variety of traditions to craft intuitive classes that combine dynamic movement and yin yoga, drawing awareness through body, muscle and bone, to the subtle breath and inner landscape. Leta has been greatly infuenced by long time studies with her teacher, yin yoga pioneer Paul Grilley, and in recent years has been delving into somatics and embodiment practices.

Lisätietoja / Learn more: www.yogarocks.fi
Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: yogaROCKS

Sing the Body Electric – Yin & Yang Yoga

Lauantai 3.3.2018 klo 10.30, sali 5

Sunnuntai 4.3.2018 klo 15.30, sali 1

Come home to your body! This sweet tonic of a practice invites you to immerse yourself in enquiry through movement and through stillness. Body, breath, mind, self – we will ripple, ground, twist and rise through a creative sequence of dynamic asana, singing the body electric and awakening a state of natural presence. Emphasis will not be placed on creating the “perfect” or even “correct” pose, rather, in connecting with yourself again and again as you listen to the feedback your body gives you on a moment to moment basis. Through beingness in your body, come home to your innate state of grace. It is always there, never not there, and it longs to be sung.