Leta LaVigne

Leta LaVigne, ERYT- 500 is a Seattle native and the founder of yogaROCKS studios in Lahti.  She draws from a decade of teaching experience and a variety of traditions to craft intuitive yin and yang classes, gently guiding awareness through the body, muscle, and bone, to the subtle breath and inner landscape with the aim of an embodied sense of wholeness.  As a Paul Grilley student, Leta facilitates classes and teacher training with a functional approach that appreciates the unique individual.

Lisätietoja / Learn more: www.yogarocks.fi
Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: yogaROCKS

Class: Assisted Yin Yoga (Partner Yin)

Saturday 10.45, sali 8

Partner Yin – come with a friend or by yourself and experience the deeply soothing practice of Assisted Yin Yoga. Hands on.

Assisted Yin is a profoundly soothing practice done with a partner or yoga therapist. Gently held in long relaxing asanas, the receiver is able to completely let go and sink into the poses, unwinding tension deep in the hips, legs and lower back. These passive stretches act as a calming energetic tonic for the whole body and mind.  Leta will guide each set of partners through an assisted yin ”taster”, so both partners have the chance to give and receive. Absolutely no experience necessary to join! Bring a friend, relative, spouse- or whomever you would like to share this practice with. Singles are also very welcome! Just be comfortable with being hands on. Warm welcome!