Laura Laine

Laura Laine is Heartfulness trainer and illustrator. ”Meditation is an inseparable part of my daily life, as it brings me back to my centre and helps me to tune in to the inner guidance of my heart. Mediatation allows us to realise the full potential that our heart holds.”

Heartfulness is a non-religious, non-commercial system of meditation. It is the very essence of Sahaj Marg, a Raja Yoga method of meditation. The global non-profit local organization, SRCM Suomi Ry is registered in Finland.

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Heartfulness, heart-based meditation (in English)

The heart is the most mysterious thing and the most beautiful thing that we can have! (Kamlesh D. Patel)

Heartfulness offers a simple and practical way to learn heart-based meditation and relaxation. It is suitable for those looking for inner balance and serenity, for anyone who feels the need to stop and tune into their inner Self in the middle of a busy life. Heartfulness meditation is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

We invite you to take part in a Heartfulness-workshop and experience the benefits for yourself! After the workshop you may continue independently and participate in the group meditations at our center in Eira.

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