Jeff Lester

My name is Jeff, I am from America and have travelled far and wide both seeking and teaching. Health, in its complete spectrum, is my ultimate passion and goal. Yoga has become my primary vehicle for achieving my own ultimate health and helping others to discover their own. I am SUPER energetic and enthusiastic, I love nature and discovering new things about the world and myself. It is with great appreciation to say that I teach for the Happy Jack Yoga team, serving people all over the world.

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Hidden Super Powers: Yin Yoga

Sunnuntai 4.3.2018 klo 16.45, sali 3

A full Yin experience which includes a meditation over our Chakra system, and a nourishing 90min Yin practice. I teach a ”progressive yin” class that hones your edge of awareness and focuses on the target areas of the lower body along with the associated physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This powerful and moving experience will deeply connect students with experience of self. In this master class, we go over theory, background, and anatomy of Yin yoga. A large component of this approach to Yin is the body awareness centered around Tantric and Taoist philosophies.

The class will be held in English.