Jani Toivonen

Jani Toivonen is a healer, coach and artist. Through sound vibrations he opens space for listeners to experience deep relaxation, healing and balance.

His focus is to find true simplicity in life, flow of peace and happiness, and share it.

Class: Gong Yoga

Sunnuntai 17:00-18:30, Studio 4

Gong Yoga is Yoga of Oneness, Creativity and Transformation.

In Gong Yoga we dive deeper into our body through movement, stopping and breathing. Gong Yoga begins with traditional yoga practices such as asanas, mudras, bandhanas, pranayamas, meditations, and mantras. Exercises prepare and tune our body-mind to receive a state of deep relaxation for Sound Healing and it is aswell about mastering the instrument that you are and tuning in to the harmonic resonance. In the Sound healing, you lie down or sit comfortably and let the transforming and deeply-relaxing vibrations of crystal bowls, gongs and vocals flush your body, mind, and soul.

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