Hanna von Hafenbrädl

Hanna’s yoga journey began in 2007 as she very unexpectedly lost her husband. With him went their plan to move back from temporarily living in Norway to Milan, Italy where they had lived the past 9 years. As Hanna was processing the loss, she soon got to experience, how body and mind are mysteriously connected. Hanna’s journey has taken her from the storms of sorrow and deep depression, an overwhelmed single mom to someone who today is grounded in deep gratitude for the precious present moment.

Lisätietoja / Learn more: happyjackyoga.com

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Happy Jack Yoga

Class: Balance Between Silence & Sound in Yoga Practice

Sunday 11.45, studio 1

Discover energetic and vibrational breakthroughs when using your voice in a group setting. Mantra + meditation + vinyasa!

This class is a workshop for everyone interested in fulfilment through vinyasa and practicing in a group setting. There is a time to go inwards and there a time to step ”out of our heads”. This class is the latter, ”stepping out” kinda class! Happy Hanna will share about her discoveries, turning from a shy ”typical” Finn into an open hearted extrovert, as a result of exploring and owning her story, voicing it and practicing mantra and vinyasa in a group setting! Join for a heart opening and empowering vocal vinyasa experience!

Lecture: Our Greatest Troubles Are Our Sacred Moment

Sunday 15.30, Kellari 2

Coping versus living fulfilled;self-inquiryy and inspirational life lessons from a young widow. Healing, hope and ”recovery”.

Life doesn’t always go as expected. Small setbacks and big earthquakes that are out of our control, shake us however they do not determine the quality of our lives. Hanna lectures about creating a meaningful and fulfilling life, when ”the worst that can happen” actually happened; out of the blue Hanna was widowed and left alone with 3 and 5 year old sons. Hanna shares her discoveries from turning her life around from being a victim of circumstances to a force of nature, where attitude and grief, sorrow and pain are used as a leverage to live life with an open heart. Hanna’s story connects us to the ever blossoming present moment, when does this moment start and when does it end?