Hanna von Hafenbrädl

Hanna is a blissful yoga teacher and teacher trainer from Finland who has lived most of her life abroad, and now recently relocated to Canada with her partner Happy Jack and their two teenage boys. Hanna holds various certifications in vinyasa/power yoga and is a co-founder of Happy Jack Yoga. Happy Jack Yoga is a system of self-empowerment through self-inquiry and yogic practices. Yoga has provided Hanna the tools to navigate her husband’s sudden death and to create a meaningful life she loves.

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Happy Jack Yoga Lifts You Up

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I’m one of those people who confidently say everywhere that yoga has changed the course my life. My family and close friends found it a bit strange at first but now they are happy to see how this path has healed me. Yoga as a practice differs from other forms of exercise because it is intelligently set up to awaken a power and wisdom within the practitioner. There are endless styles of yoga and the similarities are more than the differences as the goal is bliss, or enlightenment. Bliss is a pure form of energy, vibration or way of being. In this class we will discover the asana practice as a system to create bliss, which in turn creates a successful life as a contribution to the world.