Hanna von Hafenbrädl

Hanna was unexpectedly widowed at 31 and left with two small children. She often speaks about deepening our own life experience, as a learning of this loss. The most powerful driving force comes from connecting with ourselves and exploring life with curiosity. Today Hanna lives in Canada, has travelled the world and studied with the ancient ones, from India to Central, South and North America. Hanna is a co-founder of Happy Jack Yoga and leads transformational programs worldwide.

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Photo by Grace DeRidder at Duenderetreats.com

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Happy Jack Yoga

Class: Happy and Healthy with Happy Hanna

Sunday at 1:15 pm, Studio 5

Happy Hanna wasn’t and isn’t always happy and healthy. However a driving force, a seeking and a deep inquiry has brought her to health & happiness, and keeps her on the path. This exploration keeps evolving  in the present moment, without dogma. In this class we will discuss with movement and yoga asana about what really matters and how to access sources greater than ourselves in the midst of a sometimes chaotic, sometimes fascinating life!