Gabriel Maldonado

Gabriel Maldonado (RYT500) is a passionate yoga teacher from Chile. He came in contact with yoga during his travels in India in 2009, and ever since he’s been practicing and studying. His aim is to spark the light of aspiration in his students through carefully aligned asana, Heartfull™ Meditation, nutrition and lifestyle and yogic philosophy, the core of Purna Yoga. Gabriel has been trained by Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala at the 500-Hhour level. He is also a lawyer and a social scientist.

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Purna Yoga Essentials – Standing Poses

Sunnuntai 4.3.2018 klo 11.45, sali 4

One of the most important parts of a balancing asana practice is the use of standing poses. They tone and work the legs, making them both strong and flexible, as well as creating openness in the hip and ankle joints. Come and enjoy a powerful sequence of standing poses practiced with precise alignment, which will guarantee many ”aha” moments, so that your practice may be joyful all the way to your nineties. As yoga practitioners, our aim is to stay humble and use our best efforts, and for most of us coming back to the simplest of poses is a necessary step to grow in our own practice.

The class will be held in English.