Eva Kiviluoma

Eva is a 500-hour (RYT500) Purna Yoga Teacher and shares the joyful gifts of Purna Yoga. Eva was trained personally by Tove Palmgren (2.000RYT) and Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala, who is a co-founder of Purna Yoga and known as the ”teacher of teachers”. In her classes, Eva shares with you pieces from all different aspects of Yoga, which is far more than just relaxing and stretching.

Lisätietoja:www.evakiviluoma.com &  www.purnayoga.fi

Näytteilleasettaja: Purna Yoga Helsinki

Class: Purna Yoga Essentials – The Morning Series

Sunday 9.15, studio 1

One of the essentials of Purna Yoga is The Morning Series, it opens the back body and changes the way you feel all day.

The quality of our daily life depends greatly on our daily routines. Starting your day with a gentle and effective yoga practice will change the quality of your days and therefore your whole life. The Purna Yoga Morning Series is designed by Yoga Master & Purna Yoga Co-Founder Aadil Palkhivala to release tension in your back body after the night. The back muscles and fascia (surrounding the muscles) become tight during the night and that’s why you might wake up with a feeling of ”being stiff”. Come and learn this simple 9- step series that will change your morning routine for the better and release your back for the whole day.