Eva Estlander

Eva’s yogic path started over ten years ago through Ashtanga, but after an ankle injury, she started feeling more drawn to Vinyasa and Yin, which are now the closest to her heart. Eva has been leading international yoga retreats in both Europe and Mexico for years and is now based out of Helsinki after having resided in Mexico for nearly 7 years. Eva infuses her classes with energy anatomy and known for her Charka classes and spiritual teachings. 

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Näytteilleasettaja/Exhibitor: Eva Estlander Yoga & Wellness

Class: Bloom into a warrior

Sunday at 1 pm, Studio 4

A playful & dynamic flow where you’ll harness the energy within + set an intention that will carry with you after class.

Bloom into a Warrior is one of Eva Estlander’s signature classes. This playful and dynamic Vinyasa flow is infused with mudras and mantras and is much more than just ”a regular vinyasa flow”. The idea of the class it to aid you to tap into your internal strength and to harness the power you hold within and through that, bloom into the Warrior that you’re meant to be. Expect a strong sequence where we will flow, create some heat, practice balance poses and cultivate mindfulness as well. It’s the perfect mix of Vinyasa and Yin (best of both worlds or a ”Yinyasa” class) and open for all levels, no matter where you’re at in your physical asana practice. PS. The playlist will make you smile!