Elena Kokkala

I am a global yoga teacher, traveling and being a student of yoga all over this beautiful planet of ours. I am passionate about living and showing what is possible to create when you lead your life with your heart. I am immensely interested in the healing powers of creative flowing and breathing. My focus as a teacher is to create and hold a space for you to explore your inner truth and inner healer, and to connect with others to see how beautiful and connected we all are deep down in our core.

Class: What gets loud when you get quiet?

Sunday 15.30, studio 2

Creative flow with focus on breathing, truly experiencing the movement. Listening what gets loud when you get quiet.

What gets loud when you get quiet is a journey to self. A creative flow to dive deep into your own healing, moving in a way that creates space for breathing and feeling, being one with the movement. Releasing anything and everything that is no longer serving you. From the quiet space you have the opportunity to connect to your inner truth. Listening to your heart and your body, where in your life are you not breathing? Is there possibility to create more space for healing and creativity? The class will also entail an element of live guitar music.