Andrew McAuley

Andrew McAuley is an internationally recognized teacher of yoga, anatomy, and the healing arts. He is a Teacher Trainer of Prana Vinyasa® and has been apprenticing with Shiva Rea for 10 years. Drawing upon 20 years of curious exploration and study of life, Andrew has created curriculums and courses for massage therapy and fitness institutes, as well as his own yoga school, Entrained Living. Presently, his intensive studies in Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda are under the guidance of his teachers.

Exhibitor at Joogafestival: YogaNordic


Tunti on peruttu. / Class is cancelled.
Vinyasa® Flow – Yoga for ALL (in English)

Nourish Your Life: Live On Fire: Rhythms For Living Yoga. Fortifying, stabilizing hip-openers and playful, liberating backbends. You are invited to join Andrew McAuley and your community for an experiential introduction into Prana Vinyasa®, founded by Shiva Rea. Starting from a solid foundation, we will anchor ourselves back into what is essential as we curiously and playfully explore each practice.

From hip openers to backbends, our collective flow is specially designed to honor the full spectrum of life rhythms – solar and lunar, active and receptive, stimulating and meditative – creating both strength and fluidity for a graceful and sustainable approach to living yoga.