Anael Motola

I took my first step into the path of yoga at 2002, since then it has been part of my life, guiding and enlightening my way. I studied (and still study) whit variety of teachers around the world and practiced different styles of yoga over the years. I completed my teacher training in Israel in 2009 and since then I’m happy to share this ancient practice whit yogis of all ages. I teach at the Arava desert of Israel and guide desert-yoga retreats and vacations. Welcome to join my class! 🙂

Näytteilleasettaja / Exhibitor: Anael Motola Desert-Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Lauantai 3.3.2018 klo 14.15, sali 1

Sunnuntai 4.3.2018 klo 9.15, sali 4

By observing our movement and breath, we take ourselves into a journey through the different layer’s (koshas) of our being, we’ll increase the awareness and connection to the inner self and examine how by following the eight limbs of yoga (by Patanjali) in our practice and in our daily life we can remove physical and mental obstacles. The class is built from classical yoga postures and mudras combined whit the wisdom of different movement practices.