Yoga Festival Helsinki 2019 is now accepting exhibitor bookings. To book an exhibition space, please fill the Registration Form on the bottom of the page. If you have questions or want more information about our partner and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at joogafestivalhelsinki@gmail.com.


Yoga Festival Helsinki 2019

March 2-3, 2019
Venue: Kaapelitehdas (Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki)
Opening hours: Saturday, March 2 – 9:00-18:00, Sunday March 3 –  9:00-17:00
Exhibit building hours: Friday, March 1 – 14:00-20:00


Organized for the seventh time, Yoga Festival Helsinki has become a tradition for many. In 2018, Yoga Festival Helsinki attracted more than 4000 visitors who are active and conscious and interested in holistic wellbeing. Demographics: both women and men of all ages with focus on 18-55 year old women.


Yoga Festival Helsinki has a large exhibition space that brings people together in between the classes and lectures. In 2018, over 140 exhibitors attended the sold-out event. The exhibitors include for example wellness service providers, wellness product and clothing retailers and importers; natural food and product companies; publishers.

Programme 2019

In addition to two-day exhibition of wellness products and services, Yoga Festival Helsinki programme includes 40 high-quality lectures and workshops and over 100 classes. In 2019, the overall theme of the event is ”Sound & Silence”.

Our programme and exhititors covers a wide range themes, including: Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Pilates, Taiji, Ayurveda, Healthy Body & Mind, Wellness Travel, Literature and Publications, Natural Health and Treatments, Organic Food, Health Food and Natural Products, Sustainable Development and Authenticity.


Exhibition space 6 m² – 50 m²

  • 75 €/m² + VAT. Early bird pricing 70€/m² + VAT until 31 August 2018!
  • The price includes back drop and side walls (Please note: In a corner space, there is only one side wall)

Exhibition table 80 x 120 cm

  • 160 €/table + VAT. Early bird pricing 145€ + VAT until 31 August 2018!
  • The price includes one chair

Other prices

  • Electricity for the duration of the event 55 € + VAT
  • Other parties in the same exhibition space (joint exhibition or sub-exhibitor): 50 €/party + VAT

Contact us

Exhibition spaces, partners and sponsorships: joogafestivalhelsinki@gmail.com
Instructors for classes/lessons: Antti Sipinen, anttisipinen1@gmail.com
Lectures and other programme: Antti Sipinen, anttisipinen1@gmail.com

Organiser: Viveka Finland Ltd.

Book Exhibition Space at Yoga Festival Helsinki 2019

If you have questions, please contact us at joogafestivalhelsinki@gmail.com

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